Perfumes Shopping Tips

Best-selling perfumes

Some of the most famous perfume brands have become household names. The top brands of perfume include:

  • Chanel No. 5 – was used by the famous Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe and currently enjoys the numero uno status.
  • Eternity from Calvin Klein – became a household name during the eighties and was developed as a marriage tribute.
  • Prada ‘Eau de’ Toilette – is Jennifer Aniston’s favorite perfume. It is a traditional scent, with a modern feeling.
  • Gucci Rush – is currently the hot favorite and has an electric mix of sandalwood, gardenia and vanilla.
  • Davidoff Cool Water – has been a best seller since its introduction and an all-time favorite for many celebrities.

A trip to any fragrance outlet carrying any of these brands among other top brands would surely help a person find the best type of perfume. However, at times, some people might face difficulty in finding a good fragrance outlet, especially in the rural areas or the outskirts of the city. Therefore, the best perfume shopping tip for such people is to log on to the internet and browse the different websites that cater to authentic and branded perfumes.

Big cities on the other hand have bigger malls that have plenty of fragrance outlets inside them which keep all types of brands. With a few perfume shopping tips, an inexperienced shopper can select authentic brands for use or for gifting purpose.

Perfume shopping tips to select the perfect perfume:

The most important part of shopping for perfumes is testing. All fragrance outlets give out samplers and testers (scented strips of paper, usually) exactly for this purpose. Sniffing them from paper or actually trying them on would help you give a better judgment on the scent rather than just sniffing the bottle.

While going to buy a perfume the shopper should avoid wearing fragrances, otherwise selection would become a problem. It is true that the fragrance we wear reflects our personality so you should give preference to personal choice rather than buying something that your friends wear.

How to Find Perfumes on Sale

The Internet is the best place to look out for huge discounts and sales. There are plenty of coupons waiting to be collected online and can later be redeemed at the selected stores. Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and other advertisement media are also a good place to look out for discounts and deals. With proper perfume shopping tips, anyone can have the best brand available.